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EPST sports performance camp programs are weekly sessions focused on developing athletes core skills necessary in their chosen sport.  These camps concentrate on the science and technique of sport specific movement and breakdown drills that will provide long term results. Each camp will apply game-like situations that will allow athletes to apply the skills leaned in the session during their upcoming season.

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Let's Work

EPST sports performance clinics  are 2-3 hour sports sessions geared towards improving  specifics aspect of your game. These clinics concentrate on the science of making athletes better through high volume specific drills and exercises. These drills will focus on technique and the breakdown of specific sports movements. Each clinic will apply game-like situation that will allow athletes to apply the skills leaned in the session.

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Play Ball

Dive deep into the heart of sports performance with our intensive Sports Workshops. Over 2-3 days, athletes are immersed in a dynamic blend of theory and hands-on practice. Our workshops delve into the biomechanics of sports, foster a deeper understanding of strategic play, and offer interactive activities to fine-tune skills. Whether you're aiming to refine a specific technique or elevate your overall sports IQ, our workshops offer a holistic approach to athlete development. Join us and become not just a player, but a master of your game.

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