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Why Do Most People Who Try To Get In Shape Fail?

They do at it alone. They lack accountability.

Accountability is the secret to getting in shape.

But accountability to yourself is just a start.

Accountability to a parent, partner or friend? They will be protective of the relationship over your goal.

When you're accountable to a coach, mentor and guide…they commit to you, your goal and your excuses just don't work!

We Train Athletes To Enhance Their Sports Performance and Prevent Injury

        Performance Enhancement

        Injury Prevention

        Optimal Conditioning

        Skill Development

        Mental Toughness

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 Performance Training 

We train athletes to enhance their sports performance and prevent injury

Private Performance Training

Our private integrated performance training offers personalized 1-on-1 sessions, systematically guiding athletes to achieve fitness goals. Emphasizing functional strength and neuromuscular efficiency, our approach enhances all aspects vital for peak performance and injury prevention.


Performance Training

Elevate your game with EPSTA's semi-private performance training. Train alongside a partner or team, experiencing personalized sessions focused on functional strength and neuromuscular efficiency. Our systematic approach maximizes performance potential and minimizes injury risk, just like our private training.

Group Performance Training

Take your training to the next level with EPSTA's group performance program. Join forces with fellow athletes in dynamic sessions tailored for functional strength and neuromuscular efficiency. Our proven methodology, refined through private and semi-private training, ensures peak performance and injury prevention for all participants.

About Elite Performance Sports and Training Academy

At Elite Performance Sports and Training Academy we believe in developing athletes through our comprehensive performance training with a direct focus on the athlete’s functional strength and their neuromuscular efficiency.

Our team of experienced trainers are dedicated to helping you reach new heights in your fitness journey.

We want to invite you to book a free consult so you can see first hand the Elite Performance Sports and Training Academy difference.

Eli Lopez, CA

“We initially start working with Coach D, and EPSTA in 2019 hoping to help my son improve on his athletic skills. Little did we know that 4 years later he would earned a scholarship to play football at Western Virginia.."

Jorge Collins, CA

"My son trained with Coach D, for 2 weeks and improved 3 seconds in the 300 hurdles earning a trip to CIF."

Aaron Hayes, CA

“My daughter is a lacrosse athlete, she's been training with Coach D for 3 years. In her time training with Coach she has earned MVP for her team, All League Honors, All State Honors, and is currently attending St. Bonaventure on athletic scholarship.”

Stacy Hardgrove, CA

“My 2 sons trained with Coach D, one for football and the other for basketball. The growth and improvement these kids experienced over the summer was amazing. Both made their respective varsity teams and absolutely loved the experience.”
EPSTA performance training

Let Us Help Unleash All Your Athletic Potential

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