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Mastering Sport Skills are Important, Mastering Athletic Movements: Priceless

My daughter used to be a gymnast, and one day during her practice, I noticed a significant number of injured athletes. I mean, these kids were wearing back braces, knee braces, neck braces, and using crutches. It struck me as odd that a high-performance gym would have so many similarly injured athletes. As a performance coach myself, I became intrigued and continued to observe the practice. I soon realized that while the athletes were being taught amazing athletic movements and skills, they weren't being taught the simple mechanics of landing correctly. If these athletes were going to perform high-level gymnastics, they needed comprehensive training that went beyond dynamic gymnastic movements. This made me wonder how many other youth club athletes were not being taught proper sports movements and injury prevention training. To my surprise, I couldn't find a single program focused on youth performance training with an integrated methodology like the pros. If performance training is beneficial for professionals, it must be even more valuable for young athletes. And so, our journey began.

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