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With more than three decades dedicated to personal fitness and sports performance, Darien Hawkins stands at the pinnacle of fitness training. A nationally recognized name in the field, Darien holds an impressive array of National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) certifications including Certified Personal Trainer (CPT), Performance Enhancement Specialist (PES), Corrective Exercise Specialist (CES), and Group Personal Training Specialist (GPTS). Darien is also a national certified Adaptive Special Needs Trainer. 

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My Story

Over his illustrious 30-year career as a personal trainer, Darien has embodied a commitment to personal growth and improvement, transforming lives with his unparalleled knowledge of fitness and human performance. Simultaneously, he has spent 20+ years as a youth coach, shaping the next generation of athletes with his unique blend of motivation, technical expertise, and deep love for sports.

In the last decade, Darien has also pioneered advancements in sports performance training, working with a diverse range of athletes to maximize their potential and achieve new peaks of performance. His experience isn't just theoretical - it's personal. As a former professional runner with four active years on the circuit, Darien's training methodologies are imbued with real-world experience and proven results.

In addition, Darien's high school and collegiate experiences have given him an in-depth understanding of the athletic journey from amateur to professional. This insight allows him to train his clients with a comprehensive and empathetic approach, encouraging them to push beyond their limits while maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Above all, Darien is an enthusiast of all things sports. His passion for the game extends beyond his professional commitment, reflecting a genuine love for athleticism and the positive impact it can have on individuals' lives. This enthusiasm underpins every session he leads, sparking motivation and inspiring dedication in his clients.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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